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Samantha's Active Health Blog (Week 3): Going strong!

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Another week, another notch up the “health” ladder! Hi again, everyone. *waves*

It’s been a great week, and I’m proud to share that I’m still going strong on my Active Health challenge, working towards a healthier me by implementing small but significant changes to my lifestyle in four domains: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and screen time.

In fact, not only have I been keeping up with my latest set of resolutions, I’ve also been making sure to follow those from last week! Well, except for that bit about screen time… But I’ll talk more about it later. I’ll start with the good stuff!

#1 Nutrition: The secret weapon – water! Having thrown out all the junk food at my workspace last week, I found myself reaching for my bottle of water more. Yes, I did feel hungry at the start, but I recalled something I learnt back when I was in school – that people do sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. This past week, I’d also begun sticking to the practice of drinking a glass of water (250ml) before every meal. It’s supposed to help with satiety, and I did find myself needing to eat less than usual – I can now even save the cost of adding an extra portion of meat to my meals!

Samantha Active Health Taking my dose of brisk walking daily! Photo:

#2 Physical activity: Just keep walking, walking Apart from taking the stairs, I’ve also been trying to fit more brisk-walking into my daily routine. After all, it’s a fuss-free way of getting my heart pumping and muscles working! And, according to Active Health, I’m supposed to be taking at least one 10-minute brisk-walking break every day.

I’ll need to do more than just walk to the water cooler to fulfil that.. But in all seriousness, 10 minutes really is the minimum for cardiovascular fitness. While any amount of exercise is great, one should ideally be working out for at least 10 minutes at a go. I’m thankful for the sprawling premises that the Singapore Sports Hub provides. Getting out of the office and brisk-walking along the scenic riverfront is actually rather pleasant!

#3 Sleep: No more snoozing I’m glad to announce that I’ve successfully made switching off all my mobile alerts before bed a habit! So this week, my next challenge is waking up at a consistent timing every day. It’s always so tempting to treat myself to a longer snooze every morning! But thankfully, having a good night’s rest (without the mobile alerts) and keeping – mostly – to a set bedtime every night has helped. I actually have managed to wake up within the same hour every day for the past week – without hitting the “snooze” button of my alarm clock.

Samantha Active Health Thankful to this awesome bunch for supporting me on my Active Health journey. Photo:

#4 Screen time: Coming to a compromise 30 minutes of social media a day has been quite impossible. This really is a challenge in today's digital world, but as always, I'm trying! Keeping my screen time to a minimum of 30 minutes before bed, as with this week's Active Health resolution, has become a tad more manageable!

I mean, like most millennials out there, I have this habit of scrolling though my phone till I fall asleep. But if I can't keep my day-to-day usage to 30 minutes, then I'll give my eyes and mind that break at night! There we go – pretty good progress so far, if I say so myself.

I'm ready for more in the coming weeks, so wish me all the best and stay tuned to my Instagram (@s.lowbutsteady) account for updates!

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