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Samantha Low: Committing to the pursuit of better health

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They are your everyday Singaporeans, dealing with the demands of school and work. However, Sport Singapore’s newly appointed brand ambassadors and sport and fitness influencers all have something else in common – their belief in the importance of living better through sport. Get to know them in our eight-part series here!

Despite sustaining an ankle injury during a shoot last month, Samantha Low was not deterred in the slightest. Instead, she continued exercising daily, focusing on upper-body workouts so as not to aggravate her injury. Samantha is your bubbly girl-next-door – but on a special mission.

As part of Sport Singapore’s brand ambassador initiative, she hopes to motivate the public toward healthier lifestyles by making improvements to her own, showing everyone that it is easy to do so, and that being busy should not be an excuse. A certified health and fitness trainer who also holds a degree in Health and Exercise, Samantha had been an avid sportsperson who played competitive netball during her school days.

Samantha Low SportSG Ambassador Sport Influencer Samantha has always led an active and healthy life, but even then getting busy with school and now work has prevented her from fully taking ownership of her health till now. Photo: SportSG

However, injuries, as well as a busy school and work life got in her way over the years, and making time for daily workouts has not been as easy a feat as before. Then came Active Health, Sport Singapore’s step-by-step health management framework that helps individuals improve their lives in four key areas: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and screen time.

Recently tasked to pilot this programme, Samantha has been working towards a healthier body and mind by implementing the recommended small yet significant changes to her lifestyle amid her packed schedule as both a Sport Singapore executive and ambassador, and posting regular updates online to inspire others to follow suit.

“Beyond sports, I believe that living a holistic life makes one happier and healthier inside and out. This entails positive habits not just when it comes to physical activity, but also nutrition, getting quality sleep, and managing the time spent on our devices,” she explained.

“You may be making slight changes, but they will enhance your productivity at work, and much more. Active Health is for everyone! I hope that, with my own experiences, I can guide others to become healthier versions of themselves,” Samantha shared.

Nonetheless, behind this desire to bring the message of healthy living to the Singaporean public also lies a shy youth who values her privacy. Ambassadorship, after all, does sometimes come with its own drawbacks. “I was sceptical about coming on board as an ambassador at first. I kept asking lots of questions as I prefer to maintain a low profile. Too much attention scares me!

Samantha Low SportSG Ambassador Sport Influencer Samantha poses with her skateboard at the photoshoot announcing SportSG's brand ambassadors. Photo: SportSG

But after much consideration, along with support from my colleagues, I decided to give it a shot,” she revealed. “If I don’t practise what my organisation preaches, why would others go along with the recommendations we’re putting out? I’d like to show the masses the importance of living better,” Samantha stated.

Of course, it also helped that she was not expected to paint a different version of herself to the public – all she had to do was to ramp up and amplify her own commitment to keeping healthy. “I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. It makes me more confident about myself and allows me to do things I love with people I enjoy being around. What’s more, I’ve also gotten to learn new sporting techniques through our shoots, which were fun and beneficial!” she expressed.

Join Samantha on her Instagram space (@s.lowbutsteady) as she dishes out tips and tricks on working towards eating better, sleeping better, working better, and living better! For more content on her Active Health journey, stay tuned to the myActiveSG web and Facebook page, as well as the Sport Singapore YouTube channel!