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Randall Wu: The importance of taking the first step

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They are your everyday Singaporeans, dealing with the demands of school and work. However, Sport Singapore’s newly appointed brand ambassadors and sport and fitness influencers all have something else in common – their belief in the importance of living better through sport. Get to know them in our eight-part series here!

It is difficult to believe that Randall Wu hardly did any sports growing up. With his lean musculature and impressive run timings, the 28-year-old Team Nila volunteer and newly minted Sport Singapore ambassador is anything but sedentary. Nonetheless, Randall never considered himself “a fit guy” until he picked up running in his late teens, after being inspired by the platoon commanders he had met during his Basic Military Training.

Currently working in the public sector, he is now an avid competitive runner who participates regularly in marathons and other endurance races. He also practices yoga to improve his flexibility, but Randall gains more than just that from his sessions, learning the importance of being still and becoming more flexible mentally on top of the physical benefits. Indeed, Randall is a firm believer in stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Sport Singapore ambassador & Sport InfluencerRandall, often termed as the running yogi or citizen athlete, seen here posing with his yoga mat during the photo shoot. Photo: SportSG

Having undergone transformative experiences in his lifetime, including two major cycling accidents, he now measures the richness of his life in the number of “first steps” that he dares to take. With this new endeavour as a Sport Singapore ambassador, Randall hopes that sharing what he has gained as a Team Nila volunteer and competitive runner will motivate others to approach new challenges in life with an open heart and mind.

“I want to provide people with the insight on what it’s like to volunteer your own personal time, away from work and for something you feel strongly about. It brings about a work-life balance too! You can do something different and get your batteries recharged in the process – and bring this positivity back to your work,” he enthused. Randall had begun volunteering with Team Nila in 2015, producing content for Sport Singapore’s digital and social media platforms during the SEA Games.

While he had not known what exactly it entailed, he signed up anyway, and ended up with new insights into journalism and content production. He has since decided to stay long-term, and will be volunteering his time at the KL SEA Games this year too. Of course, as with Sport Singapore’s objective of encouraging the masses to live better through sport, Randall also wants to share that it is possible to pick up a sport and commit to improving your proficiency in it, regardless of age or fitness level.

“I was neither active nor sporty until 2010. I picked it up from nothing! Eventually, I got hooked on sports and I’m now working towards qualifying for the prestigious Boston Marathon. I hope to spread the message that everyone and anyone can get active,” he revealed. In fact, even with running, Randall had had to start over twice, after the two life-threatening accidents that he had encountered. According to him, the return to running was painful, but he pushed through, and considered himself stronger than ever after doing so.

“I just want to share with people that if you have the will to step out of your comfort zone, you can conquer anything. As the saying goes, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’,” he expressed. Professing that he has been trying to be less self-conscious and awkward in front of the camera when fulfilling his Sport Singapore ambassador duties, he noted that this was another new adventure, another learning experience.

“I’m shy, but I want to be more confident and outspoken. So I’ve taken this step out of my comfort zone. As long as you do so too, you will grow!” Randall stated.

How will the Sport Singapore ambassadors initiative make a difference in his life – as well as those of the masses that he’s set out to inspire? Stay tuned to Randall’s Instagram (@rndzy) and keep a lookout for his videos on the Sport Singapore YouTube channel, as well as the myActiveSG and Team Nila Facebook pages!