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John Yeong: Living better through sport and beyond

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They are your everyday Singaporeans, dealing with the demands of school and work. However, Sport Singapore’s newly appointed brand ambassadors and sport and fitness influencers all have something else in common – their belief in the importance of living better through sport. Get to know them in our eight-part series here!

You might have seen John Yeong around. A mainstay on Facebook and YouTube videos, the sports presenter and newly instated brand ambassador is also a regular on the football pitch. In fact, John is a rather renowned striker who has played at club level in both Singapore’s and Canada’s national leagues.

John Yeong sports presenter sport singapore ambassadorPhoto: Sport Singapore

Behind the scenes and off the pitch, he is hardly at rest either. Taking the lead with the seven other brand ambassadors and selected for this pilot initiative, he toils to make sure it comes to fruition in a variety of ways, as one of the key members of its development team.

Sport Singapore ambassador & Sport Influencer John's love for football transcends his competitive playing days. He is seen here representing Sports Media team in a testimonial friendly match for former S.League CEO Lim Chin at Jalan Besar Stadium earlier in 2017. Photo: Alfie Lee / SportSG

Nonetheless, do not label him as the perfect superhero who has got it all figured out. John is really just someone who has been through varied experiences in life, and he now hopes to motivate others seeking to overcome their own difficulties – just as he continues on his own path towards self-discovery and holistic wellness.

“While we’re brand ambassadors for Sport Singapore and sport is definitely my passion, the values that I’d like to share go beyond sports. It’s about living better."

"There has been certain life events that have helped me grow towards a greater awareness of self and my shortcomings. I personally believe in order to truly live better, we need to grow in greater awareness of ourselves and our true identity,” he explained.

He continued: “It’s important to learn to love ourselves and to respect and take care of our bodies, as well as our mental and emotional well-being.”

Expressing that he wished to inspire others to persevere through life’s challenges, be it in sport or otherwise, John revealed an emphasis on staying true to oneself. In fact, he aims to present a holistic representation of health on his social platforms, interspersing fun updates on fitness and Sport Singapore events with his own candid musings and motivational messages.

“I’d like to be someone who motivates people going through struggles. People who feel like giving up, whether it’s from the challenges they face on their journey towards becoming a professional athlete, or setbacks in their personal lives,” he remarked.

John Yeong John poses for the cameras in the SportSG ambassadors announcement photo shoot. Photo: Emmanuel Chiang / SportSG

After all, he professes to be on a learning journey himself, gaining new insights both from behind the camera in his digital marketing role, as well as in front of it, as a brand ambassador for Sport Singapore.

“Whether it’s spearheading our content strategy and online marketing efforts, learning to build more meaningful relationships with our audiences, or film-making to promote Singapore sport… It’s been an eye-opener. On a personal level, I’ve also been learning how to achieve greater work-life balance,” he elaborated.

John Yeong Sport Singapore Ambassador Fitness Influencer John Yeong (far right) at a 'Friends of Sports Hub' Influencers engagement session, with Lim Yao Xiang (centre), and Amelia Sim. Photo: Singapore Sports Hub

“Ultimately, I believe it’s less about the titles that we hold in our careers, or how much earning power we have. It’s more about bringing more life into every moment, and learning to live in the present,” John concluded.

Whether he is flashing some fancy football moves, enticing you to join in at the latest sports event on Facebook, or simply penning down his personal thoughts and journey, follow John on his public Facebook profile here or on Instagram (@thejohnyeong) to connect with him! You might also spot him having a ball with his fellow ambassadors on our myActiveSG Facebook videos or Sport Singapore's YouTube channel, so do remember to leave him a shoutout!