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Samantha's Active Health Blog (Week 1): Firming up the healthy habits

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I’ve taken up a mission , and I’ll be logging down everything on this page. *cue action film music*

Okay, I’m not some sort of mediocre spy jotting down details of a secret mission for everyone to see. But I really am about to embark on something exciting in the upcoming six weeks, and thought that recording it all down might be a good idea. You know, hopefully I can share my journey with others – and motivate them as well!

First, let’s give you some context. I’m Samantha, and I’m an executive with Sport Singapore, the nation’s governing body for sport! I did my degree in Health and Exercise, and I would be, on most counts, considered pretty active and healthy. Samantha Low Active HealthPhoto: Instagram @s.lowbutsteady

But that’s not the case in reality, unfortunately! Work’s been extremely busy, and I’ve had to contend with injuries and over-exertion in the past few years. Of course, there’s also that very, very human thing known as laziness…

Well, enter Active Health! A new initiative introduced by Sport Singapore, it’s a step-by-step framework that helps us manage our health through four aspects – physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and screen time. Comprising simple habits that anyone can adopt, it’s built on the fact that even the smallest of improvements made to one’s life can actually go a long way.

So this is the very challenge I’ll be taking on! After all, if I don’t practise what my organisation preaches, why would others follow? I’m sure this will be beneficial to my well-being anyway! In the weeks to come, I’ll be paying more attention to my lifestyle habits, implementing a few of these changes at a time.

Of course, I’ve already been practising some of these all along, such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking home instead of taking the train or bus, and eating healthily. I try to, at least. The 15-minute walk home every day can be a bit of a drag after a long day at work. Samantha Low Active HealthPhoto: Instagram @s.lowbutsteady

I guess Active Health will give me the push to make a conscious effort. It’s really more of an expansion of what I’ve always been trying to do, which is to become more aware of my choices, and make a commitment to health – so I don’t give in to laziness! Of course, building awareness helps one to manage stress better too. Ultimately, mental, social, and emotional health are just as important as physical health!

And, with that, I say: Active Health challenge accepted! Let’s see what the coming six weeks have in store for me. Till my next entry! I will keep you all posted on Instagram: @s.lowbutsteady in the meantime, so follow me there for some sneak peeks!