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It is important to wear the correct attire to the gym as it can affect your workout. Photo: Reuters  fashion

5 things not to wear to the gym

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When you’re working out at the gym, getting your workout routine and form right matters a lot, but just as important, is being decked in suitable and comfortable attire. Imagine the t-shirt or tank top you have on, sticking to your body like glue, with you having to tug at it every few seconds. The right workout clothes can help keep you dry, improve your form and even keep you safe during exercise.

ActiveSG dishes out 5 things you should avoid when you head for your workout:

Say no to 100% cotton!

According to Women’s Health Magazine, attire that is made up of 100 per cent cotton fabric should be avoided at all costs. While the light and cool fabric can be tempting, the material absorbs your sweat and sticks to you. Instead, go for quick-drying and moisture-wicking materials such as the synthetic fabric such as Nike’s Dri-Fit line.

Baggy attire

Initially, loose clothing may seem like a good option because they are comfortable, but think again. Baggy clothes can eventually hinder your workouts and even get caught while hitting the machines. Additionally, Women’s Health Magazine adds that one can find it harder to work on your form and posture, because the baggy wear obstructs your view of it. As anyone who has had a personal trainer would know, your form and posture when working out is just as important as the number of reps you do.

Skin-tight attire

Just like baggy wear, clothes that are too tight for you can also cause problems. Your movements can feel restrictive and it can hamper your full range of motion. Find clothes that fit you just right and allow space for you to move freely.

Jewellery and accessories

If you’re really keen on working out properly, there is no need to flaunt your cupboard of bling-bling. Having accessories like hanging earrings or rings can make you uncomfortable or get damaged during your workouts and that is something that you wouldn’t want to do.

Worn-out kicks

If your shoes are tattered and torn, it’s high time to get replacements! More importantly, make sure that your shoes have the right sole and arch support and the proper cushioning to contain impact. Your workout footwear should also have proper friction to help you stand firm even on a polished studio floor.