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CoachSG conference news

Launch of CoachSG platform a boost for local coaches

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As part of Sport Singapore’s Vision 2030 Masterplan, CoachSG, a platform to enhance and support the development of professional capabilities and standards among local coaches, was officially launched at the inaugural CoachSG Conference.

CoachSG conference

Participants and speakers pose for a photo at the CoachSG Conference. Photo: Sport Singapore

The event was graced by Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Baey Yam Keng and attended by about 400 coaches.

“Coaches play a key role in every sport,” said Mr Baey. “Not only do they teach us the skills of the game, they also impart important values such as resilience, discipline and teamwork which are applicable both in sports and in life.”

Mr Baey added: “Through CoachSG, we will enhance the capabilities of our coaches, and raise the profile of the profession. This will bring us closer to our shared vision of Singapore as a vibrant sporting nation.”

Initiatives that coaches can look forward to are the introduction of new Continuing Coach Education offerings, a review of the current formal education curriculum and the launch of a Coach Developer Programme. At the same time, ongoing formal engagements with coaches, employers and sporting organisations, including national sports associations, will be stepped up.

Troy Engle at CoachSG conference
Mr Troy Engle, Director of CoachSG, addressing the coaches at the conference. Photo: Sport Singapore

CoachSG Director Troy Engle said: “We believe that coaches make a big difference in building not just sport skills but also life skills and we want all Singaporeans to have access to good coaching.”

Besides the official launch, the conference also provided participants the chance to learn from overseas guest speakers John Bales, President of the International Council for Coaching Excellence, Dr Wade Gilbert of California State University and Professor Masamitsu Ito, Vice-director at the Nippon Sports Science University Coach Developer Academy. 

CoachSG conference

Vice-director of Nippon Sports Science University Coach Developer Academy, Prof. Masamitsu Ito, speaks during the CoachSG Conference. Photo: Sport Singapore

Ito was full of praises for the CoachSG initiative, pointing out that it is “ahead of what other countries are doing, especially in Asia” and that a future collaboration with Japan could be possible.

Ito added: “I think it is great and maybe in the future, we can set up some network and start CoachASIA maybe? And learn something from each other.”

Participants such as ActiveSG Football Academy and SportCares coach Isa Halim were happy with what CoachSG had to offer.

The 29-year-old said: “In the past, when you're coaching outside, you have to worry about your hourly pay, and now, I think it’s really good that you can attend courses without paying and also, have the mindset that you’re going to go all out to learn.”

Netball coach Ong Chin Chin added: “I think it’s good that finally, coaches are getting recognised.”

“It’s really a good platform for coaches to come together and I think it’s important for us to understand that coaching is no longer about technical skills, but it’s about teaching life skills and values to the players.”

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Presentation slides for the conference can be downloaded here

Topics/ Speakers:

Updates on Development Front for Coaching in Singapore

by Mr Troy Engle, Director, CoachSG

Keynote Address 1

Developing Coaching Excellence: Global Trends and Good Practice

by Mr John Bales, President of International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE)

Keynote Address 2

Principles of Quality Coaching

by Dr Wade Gilbert, PhD, California State University

Plenary Session 1

Kaizen of Coaching Culture in Japan

by Prof Masamitsu Ito, Vice-Director, Nippon Sports Science University Coach Developer Academy
(note: no videos)

Plenary Session 2

Coaching Better Every Day

by Dr Wade Gilbert, PhD California State University