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Does wearing makeup to the gym damage your skin?

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For many ladies, makeup has almost become a daily necessity in their lives. It is an essential part of their morning routines; they need to look good before even stepping out of the door.

Financial consultant Olivia Lim insists that she has to have makeup on before leaving house every time.

“Sometimes, it’s there to help you boost your confidence for the rest of the day,” said the 28-year-old.

“It also helps us look good and pleasant at work, because some of us have to meet people all the time.”

Even when we head to the gym to exercise nowadays, it is not uncommon to see made-up faces.

While there are people who do not experience side effects from wearing makeup, there are some of us who aren’t so lucky.

Chemicals found in many cosmetic products can cause adverse effects on one’s skin, and eventually bring about undesirable consequences.

Ultimately, before we put on makeup, we need to educate ourselves properly about own skin condition, and the type of makeup that is suitable for it.

While working out and sweating, it is extremely important to let our skin breathe.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Bioderma training manager Emilie Montassier advises: “As your skin sweats more during a workout, the pores need to be uncovered and left free from makeup so that a good level of water and sebum can exit.”

Our skin requires more hydration to compensate for fluid loss during workouts, and additional water is found in our pores and surfaces to the top of our skin.

“If however there is a layer of makeup on the skin, pores can become easily clogged, consequently leading to blemishes.”

Montassier suggests cleaning the skin with a gentle cleanser before moisturising with a light cream or serum prior to workouts, while cleansing the skin and applying a light ultra-hydrating moisturizer should also be done post-workout. “It is also crucial to drink water after exercise to compensate for the loss of hydration during your workout.”

For those who insist on using makeup during workouts, sticking to light textures and avoiding an overload of makeup is the way to go. This helps prevent clogging of pores and at the same time, give you the radiant look that you desire. A must-do is to wash off the makeup entirely after the workout to prevent any clogged pores and undesirable skin irritations.