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Benefits of functional fitness

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Body aches? Feeling extremely worn out after just a short work out? Then perhaps functional fitness exercises are for you. But what exactly is functional fitness in the first place?

“Functional fitness means being to perform activities of daily life proficiently,” said John Tang, a functional fitness coach with SuperFit.

“Being functional would suggest being able to climb up stairs, being able to carry your groceries home, being able to lift someone out of a burning building.”

“How we are different from other forms of training, is that we utilize mostly functional movements such as the lunge, push-ups and other bodyweight exercises.”

When we go about our daily activities, we may not realise it but we utilise virtually every part of our body, from the elbows and shoulders to our hips, knees and ankles.

The primary goal of functional fitness exercises is to strengthen various muscle groups. This, in turn, improves overall physical stability and makes it easier to perform everyday tasks while minimizing the risk of injuries.

Here, we are four reasons why functional fitness is good for you:


Many people are afflicted with bad posture and related muscle aches because of the daily grind. Sitting behind a computer for eight hours per day is common for many office workers and this can easily cause spinal problems.

However, through sustained and proper exercise, functional fitness can correct bad posture problems, which helps reduce slouching and also improve your overall look.

Fat-burning and Muscle toning

As compared to working out in the gym, functional fitness exercises are often cardiovascular workouts that involve multiple major muscle groups. This typically helps to shave off the calories and burn fat, making every minute of your session more worthwhile than one at the gym.

On the other side of the same coin, while burning fat, functional fitness exercises can help tone and sculpt your muscles. This can help you achieve the strong and lean body that you desire.

Core strength and stability

Functional fitness exercises also involve core activation, guiding the core to stabilize the spine against external force, which can lead to increased core stability. These exercises work your core way more than your regular crunches, giving you much better balance while taking on everyday tasks.

Sport-specific conditioning

Functional fitness exercises can be beneficial in sports, and they can be tailored to suit your training regime and improve your movement and reaction patterns.

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