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All dressed up for the Singapore Rugby 7s

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Besides getting into the thick of international sporting action at the Singapore Rugby 7s over the weekend, what else were the fans out at the National Stadium for?

It was to “show their colours”, of course! Going along with the event’s theme, the crowd arrived in an exciting array of costumes and colours, wearing their support for their favourite teams proudly and contributing to the exuberant, carnival-like atmosphere.

Singapore Rugby 7s

Indeed, for father-and-son duo Robbie Ferguson and Fraser Jamieson, their national pride was evident. Wearing matching costumes that they had bought from Scotland, they were at the Stadium to watch their team play on Sunday.

“We don’t always get to see Scotland compete here in Singapore and tonight [Sunday], we are going to be winners,” exclaimed Ferguson.

Scotland eventually lost the Challenge Trophy to Wales but the pair, who are residents of Singapore, enjoyed the day’s matches all the same.

Singapore Rugby 7s
Meanwhile, couple Claire and Chris Holmes, along with their friend Chris Wright, were all decked out in England’s colours to watch their team take on Canada in the semi-final.

Enthusing about the flamboyant outfits on show at the tournament, Chris Holmes said: “It’s so lively with the people in funny costumes here today!”

They also revealed that they’d decided to watch the Singapore 7s together because their kids played rugby at the same school. The male Holmes added: “It’s a great opportunity for them to watch the players that they admire. Top-class international athletes here in Singapore!”

Wright, too, chimed in with how the venue itself added to the event’s excitement: “We’ve been around Singapore long enough to remember the old National Stadium, which was great until it rained. This new one is wonderful, with all the facilities!”

Singapore Rugby 7s
Jay Frame and her husband, Todd Handcock, were having an equally great time. She expressed: “The atmosphere is fantastic this afternoon; the energy and crowd have been great!”

The Hong Kong residents, who flew to Singapore just to watch the rugby 7s action, were supporting eventual champions Canada, where Handcock comes from, and he was decked out in a home-made “Captain Canada” costume.

Singapore Rugby 7s

What happens when you can’t decide which jersey to put on? You just wear both! Representing local club Lion Red, former rugby player Samuel Koh was eager to show us the black shirt that he had donned underneath his red-and-white one.

“I’m a fan of the New Zealand All Blacks! They might not have made it to the semi-finals, but it’s still great rugby action here today [Sunday] – awesome atmosphere!” he remarked.

His companions Michelle Low and Andrew Kwong certainly agreed.

“I’m a fan of good rugby, no matter the team,” noted Kwong.

Singapore Rugby 7s

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a die-hard rugby enthusiast to revel in the festivities, as American trio Chelsey Johnston, Cherise Richards, and Samantha Stevens demonstrated.

Clad in their country’s colours, the girls admitted in unison at the finals on Sunday, where their team went up against Canada: “We’ve been rugby fans since yesterday [Saturday]!”

“We stay in Singapore and heard about this and we wanted to check out rugby, so what better way [than] for us to support Team U.S.A.?” elaborated Richards.

“You want to be here today [Sunday] – it’s the place to be!” she exclaimed.
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