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General view of people exercising at the gym. Photo: Reuters fashion

5 essential tips to look good at the gym

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Putting on makeup can help one look good, but it is definitely not necessary while working out at the gym. There are other ways to do look good and turn heads still.

Wear suitable clothes for your figure

At the gym, one has more flexibility is choosing how revealing you want your clothes to be, so be sure to choose clothes that flatter your natural figure. A curvy person might want to wear figure hugging clothes to accentuate their natural curves. A thin person might want to go for a bare midriff to show off your toned abs. Also, be sure that your top or bottom or your accessories complement your skin tone. Warmer colours such as orange should be avoided for cool skin tones and colours such as royal blue should be avoided for warm skin tones.

Avoid moisturisers

Avoid using moisturisers when you wash your face before your workout because it can mix with your oil and perspiration on your face and clog your pores after.

Antihistamine for the red faces

A small dose of antihistamine is good if your face turns red while working out and if you’re conscious about it. Nobody wants to look like they’ve just been hit by a bout of sunburns.

Keep the sweat away

Always bring along a small towel when you’re grinding it out during high intensity workouts, so that you can blot away perspiration to keep yourself looking fresh. Alternatively, you can also use sweat-absorbing accessories. Headbands, wristbands and bandanas can help keep perspiration levels manageable, and keep you looking fresh even while working out.

Waterproof makeup for the makeup lovers

If makeup is an absolute must, always be sure to use makeup that is waterproof to avoid smudging and looking terrible after. There are many makeup brands that carry good waterproof makeup from Lancome to M.A.C, but remember to pick one that your skin is not sensitive to.

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