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Sunwolves succumb to Kings in opening Super Rugby game

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The Kings beat the Sunwolves 37 - 23 in the first Super Rugby game in Singapore at the National Stadium on 4 March. Here's the action in pictures!

Super Rugby

The Sunwolves fans were in good spirits at the game. Photo: Gerry Kiki Aguelo/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Eyes on the ball. Photo: Tan Yew Poo/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Kings scoring a try. Photo: Gerry Kiki Aguelo/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Ready. Set. Go. Photo: Soh Chui Lian/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Sunwolves found the going tough at times. Photo: Samuel Dai/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Sunwolves on the offensive. Photo: Joseph Juban/ Team Nila

Super Rugby

Sunwolves stopping Kings from advancing. Photo: David Chew/ Team Nila

This photo story was contributed by Team Nila


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