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How to secure a rebound in basketball

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Even at a professional level, basketball players are bound to miss some of their shots. That makes securing a rebound very important, since it’s crucial to make sure your opponents don’t get another chance at making their shot!

To better your odds of receiving a rebound, Singapore Slingers Ng Hanbin, shares the two important things to keep in mind, namely your position and technique.

basketball 101 presenter Samantha Low attempts to secure a rebound under the guidance of Singapore Slingers' Ng Hanbin. Photo: SportSG

To get yourself into the optimal position to secure a rebound, you must first learn to anticipate the movement of the ball. With experience and practice, you’ll be able to predict player and ball movements better.

Hanbin advises players to stand opposite the shooter, as the ball typically lands there if both parties are standing at the sides of the hoop.

If you are the one taking the shot, make sure to follow through and keep the ball in sight, so you can get the rebound and try to take another shot.

While waiting for a player to shoot, you need to block your opponent’s line of sight, and prevent them from eventually reaching the rebound. In such situations, Hanbin suggests the box out position.

First, take a proper stance, with your knees bent and feet apart. Then, have your hands and arms spread out to prevent the opponents from moving ahead of you. As you keep your eyes on the ball, make sure to look out for any opponents behind you as well.

basketball 101Singapore Slingers' Ng Hanbin (right) emphasised that positioning is important when securing a rebound. Photo: SportSG

Most of the time, you will have to jump in order to reach for the ball. Staying on the balls of your feet will help you react in time to secure the rebound. Upon retrieving the ball and landing back on the ground, you should pull the ball into your chest, with your elbows pointed out. This is to make sure you secure the ball, and prevent other players from getting close.

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