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Fun and games for all ages at Car Free Sunday

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Fun activities and uncommon sports, such as kampong games and jump rope, took centre stage during the March edition of Car Free Sunday at the Central Business District.

As with every iteration of the event, ActiveSG had set up stations featuring a variety of family-friendly activities and sports try-outs for members of the public along Connaught Drive.

From tennis to yoga and kampong games, there were activities that could engage people of different ages. 

car free sunday

Jump rope was featured at Car Free Sunday for the first time. Photo: Sport Singapore

A sport which was featured at Car Free Sunday for the first time was jump rope. While the activity is commonly played among children, it has not garnered as much attention as a sport, and the Jump Rope Federation Singapore hopes to change that.

“Jump rope is an ancient sport, which is meant for all ages, all levels of ability,” said Don Lui, President of Jump Rope Federation Singapore.

“We want to bring jump rope to more Singaporeans, from the young to teenagers to adults, and even to the elderly. Hopefully, even to the disabled in the future.

“It is definitely suitable for families. As you can see, there are a lot of families, kids and teenagers and adults who can do it together.”

Also available along Connaught Drive, were life-sized versions of traditional kampong games such as Snake and Ladder, Carrom and Erasers. 

car free sunday

Participants trying out the life-sized Carrom. Photo: Sport Singapore

In a bid to bring back the nostalgic games of the past, before iPad and iPhone games have become the staple of every child’s entertainment, ActiveSG had set up giant versions of these games.

“We have actually enlarged all these games because we want to keep the tradition,” said Muhd Adlan Hassan Basri, Sport Champion of ActiveSG.

“These are all traditional games which were played last time by our older generation, so we want to expose these games to the younger ones.

“We want to get them to use their hands and legs to actually move around, and to encourage an active lifestyle.”


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