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basketball 101 workout

Adopting the triple threat position in basketball

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basketball 101Singapore Slingers' Ng Hanbin (right) demonstrates the right stance for the triple threat position which allows a basketballer to carry out a pass, shot or dribble. Photo: SportSG

Whenever he receives the ball on the court, Singapore Slingers’ player Ng Hanbin tries to take up the triple threat position, which he considers to be the most advantageous.

Why is it called the triple threat position?
Being in this position allows for an easy transition to the three movements that are crucial in basketball: to pass, shoot or dribble. As such, Hanbin considers the triple threat position to be something that every basketballer must master.

Since every second counts in a game, you cannot afford to waste precious time getting into the right stance to carry out a pass, shot, or dribble. Players that make an effort to prepare and take up the right position when they receive the ball will find it easier to carry out their next movement efficiently.

To get into the triple threat position, hold the ball close to your chest, with your legs spread and knees bent, keeping your body low for the sake of balance. Players should assume this position as soon as they receive the ball.

When you’re practicing your movements for dribbling, passing, and shooting, make sure to always start off from the triple threat position, in order to quicken your movements on court.

basketball 101Hanbin's feet movement shows how this allows him to pivot his body away from the opponent to pass the ball, dribble or shoot. Photo: SportSG

Here’s a drill that Hanbin recommends:

1.    Start off with your knees bent and squared towards the basket.
2.    Pivot your body to pass the ball, staying on the balls of your feet for quick movement.
3.    Step back and raise your torso into the shooting position
4.    Leave the position while dribbling the ball away (Beginners can take slow, steady steps.)

When taking the step outward to dribble, make sure the pivot foot stays grounded. Hanbin pointed out that a failure to do so during a game could result in you being penalised for a “travelling” fault on court.

Ultimately, the key takeaway of the triple threat position is that players should be ready at all times while on the court.

If you wish to pick up more tips and tricks, sign up for the ActiveSG Basketball Academy today to learn from Singapore Slingers’ head coach, Neo Beng Siang, and Hanbin!

basketball 101Hanbin pivots away from presenter Samantha Low in a demonstration of the effectiveness of the triple threat position. Photo: SportSG


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