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Pound masterclass workout

ActiveSG introduces two new fitness programmes

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In addition to their already extensive programming, ActiveSG has added two new exciting fitness programmes - STRONG by Zumba™ and POUND®.

As fusing music with exercise becomes ever more popular, Zumba™ has also pushed out a new fitness regime: STRONG by Zumba™. This programme was featured as a pre-show segment to the POUND® Master Class hosted by ActiveSG at Pasir Ris Sports Centre last Friday night.

strong by zumba

Participants in action during a Strong by Zumba class at Pasir Ris Sports Centre. Photo: Sport Singapore

"STRONG by Zumba™ is a music-led training. It is a full-body conditioning class. We do a little bit of athletic movements, plyometrics, sprints, full-body conditioning such as push-ups, squats, lunges and traditional movements. But we make it fun, because we have added music to it,” said Siti Zhywee, a STRONG by Zumba™ instructor.

The main show was the POUND Master Class featuring Kirsten Potenza (CEO and Co-Founder of POUND®), Amanda Mcvey (Director of Education) and Amer Bruehl (Pound® ICON). This is the second year ActiveSG is hosting POUND® instructors from the United States. Using lightly-weighted drumsticks, POUND® is a group fitness exercise that transforms drumming into a heart-thumping, high-octane workout.

Pound masterclass

Participants in action during a POUND masterclass. Photo: Sport Singapore

"POUND® is a group fitness format that fuses drumming with cardio, strength training and conditioning. And instead of looking at the clock or counting reps, you are getting to be a part of music, you get an instrument to play and you just get to have an incredible time," said Kirsten Potenza, CEO and Co-Founder of POUND®.

"We wanted to re-create that feeling you get when you play an instrument and hear music and are part of music with a really effective workout."

Amanda Mcvey, Director of Education of POUND®, who was in Singapore the first time round, said she has seen a marked difference in number of people who know about POUND®.

Pound masterclass

Kirsten Potenza, CEO and Co-Founder of POUND (left), in action during a POUND masterclass. Photo: Sport Singapore

"I could tell when we walked in, we saw all the POUND® Pro shirts on. While during the first time, we were exposing people to POUND®, this time it feels like our family's here, they are welcoming us and they are going to share in creating the energy tonight," she said.

ActiveSG members will be able to sign up for these programmes, which are available throughout their centres on the island.


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