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Skulpt technology

Skulpt Scanner measures muscle quality, body fat to give personalized fitness advice

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Connected fitness company Skulpt offers a unique way to measure health and fitness. Athletes and everyday people can use a small, handheld body scanner device along with a mobile app to receive customized workouts and nutrition plans based on specific measurements of their muscle quality and body fat.

For Skulpt users, Muscle Quality is the rating of your muscles’ fitness. A high MQ score means you have a lean, strong muscle. This score is determined by scientific analysis through the body scanner device. To find body fat percentage, the device uses electrical measurements to separate muscle from fat in regions of the body. Users will be able to measure up to 24 different locations of muscle to optimize their training through the app.

So how does one use the device and app together to get in shape or train smarter? First, place the Skulpt scanner on the individual muscle you wish to measure. The scanner utilizes a scientific measurement technology invented and developed by the company founders called Composition Myography to determine Muscle Quality rating and body fat percentage. The app then receives the data and transfers into a map of the body. Users will be able to understand their strengths and weaknesses in key muscle groups while tracking progress over time. They will even be able to identify muscle imbalances that could cause potential injury.

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