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Mass workouts a hit at Car Free Sunday

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Singaporeans of all ages were treated to a day of fun in the Civic and Central Business District (CBD) as Car Free Sunday rolled around for its February iteration on Sunday.

The normally busy thoroughfares in front of the National Gallery and Padang were open to all manner of people-powered devices from bicycles to scooters, skateboards to trishaws, and runners of all shapes and sizes. 

car free sunday

Cyclists in action during Car Free Sunday. Photo: Sport Singapore

ActiveSG was there as well, to spread the message of healthy living by organising a host of fun and exciting programmes.

The two new additions to this month's event were the Urban Adventure Trekking, conducted by the recently launched ActiveSG Outdoor Adventure Club, and the Kabaddi try-outs.

Teams of five people took part in a race in the heart of the CBD held by the adventure club, which tested both their physical fitness and creativity.

The unfamiliar sport of Kabaddi also got some show time during Car Free Sunday as people got to learn about the popular sport from India.

car free sunday

People shaking it out during KpopX Fitness. Photo: Sport Singapore

The highlights of the monthly event, however, were the mass workouts such as the ActiveSG Fitness Boot Camp, KpopX Fitness and FIGHT-DO where crowds of people thronged to.

“(ActiveSG) Fitness Boot Camp is a type of training where it trains mostly your muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular and a bit of your flexibility,” said Ahmad Fahmi an ActiveSG Fitness Instructor.

“There are a few stations that cater to boot camp. We have the agility side, hurdles and ladder drills and we have the strength and endurance, we have battling ropes, we have dynamax and viper.”

At the moment, modern exercises like KpopX Fitness and FIGHT-DO are enjoying massive popularity and they proved to be a hit among the participants last weekend.

KpopX Fitness instructor Kelvin Toh said that the workout is a simplified version of the dance moves you see in music video.

“(KpopX Fitness) combines (dance) with aerobic steps into a very simple and easy to follow cardiovascular activity. It is suitable for aged six to … participants who are as old as 95-years-old,” he said. 

car free sunday

People in action during FIGHT-DO. Photo: Sport Singapore

For those who want something a little bit more high-octane, FIGHT-DO might be right up your alley.

“FIGHT-DO is a mixed martial art composing of boxing, kicking and muay thai moves. Everyone can participate in FIGHT-DO, we will simplify moves for people who are beginners and even up to the advance level,” said Linda Lim, FIGHT-DO instructor.


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