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CPAS and sportcares event special needs

Overcoming disability through sports

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Together with SportCares, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Singapore (CPAS) is working towards a better future for persons with disabilities (PwD), through sports.

Many Team Singapore athletes, including SEA Games medallists Toh Sze Ning and Faye Lim, count CPAS as an alma mater, and all of them would testify to the positive impact sports had on them.

Ni Ni Swe, a senior physiotherapist at CPAS, saw first-hand the positive effects of how sports have improved the lives of PwDs.

“Some of my students, they have behavior problems and are always depressed. But after playing boccia, they not only improve physically, they also improve their social skills and problem-solving skills,” she said.

CPAS and sportcares event 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Singapore students trying out para sports and fundamental movement skills. Photo: Sport Singapore


“They have more confidence.”

CPAS actively encourages its students to take up sports, and it’s for a good reason. Sports don’t just help them mentally and socially, but it also helps them physically. “

According to Ni Ni, it’s a significant transformation seen in her charges, and it’s one she’s incredibly proud of.

“When they first came here, they cannot pay attention and concentrate. After playing boccia, they have more focus and more attention span,” said the physiotherapist who has 15 years of experience working with PwDs.

cpas and sportcares event 

CPAS actively encourages its students to take up sports, and it’s for a good reason. Photo: Sport Singapore

“But not only that, they also improve their physical abilities, their coordination, movement and eye contact.”

“They learn to focus, because if they don’t focus, they cannot hit the ball. That is the main thing I really see improving in them.

If you are keen to find out more about what SportCares does, please follow them on their Facebook page.