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Masterful ageing the aim for new ActiveSG Masters Club

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Launched today at Heartbeat@bedok, the ActiveSG Masters Club seeks to address the health and wellness needs of those aged above 40 years old. Members will have access to customised wellness programmes, courses to learn new skills and the opportunity to join Team Nila as a volunteer.

The launch of the ActiveSG Masters Club was witnessed by Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu. The launch saw more than 800 masters from various organisations and corporate partners take part in an energetic Pound workout to kick off ActiveSG’s newest club.

ActiveSG Masters club 

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu (third from left), Sport Singapore CEO Lim Teck Yin (second from right), ActiveSG Chief Lai Chin Kwang (first from right), People's Association CED Desmond Tan (first from left), and Sport Singapore Deputy Chairman Kon Yin Tong (third from right), posing at the launch of the ActiveSG Masters Club. Photo: Sport Singapoe


“I’d like to encourage all Singaporeans aged 40 and above to join the ActiveSG Masters Club,” said Ms Fu.

“There will be many customised sports and programmes for members of all fitness levels and abilities. This is also an opportunity for us to make new friends and widen our social circles. So take that first step towards a more active lifestyle. We can all live better through sport at any age,” she continued.

The programmes offered by the ActiveSG Masters Club will be tailored to fit the needs of each of its members. New and inexperienced members will have these programmes modified according to their own level of fitness and aspirational health goals.

“I have come across middle-aged adults who are reluctant to jump into a programme because they feel that they will not be able to keep up with their younger counterparts but yet do not want to join a programme for seniors for the fear of being perceived as one – and they end up choosing not to exercise. The Masters Club will give more people the flexibility to find a programme or sport that is suited for them,” said Fitness Instructor Mike Yoong.

ActiveSG Masters club 

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu (centre) joins participants in a Pound workout at the launch of the ActiveSG Masters Club. Photo: Sport Singapore


Mary Hui was one such person. Ms Hui started on her fitness journey after her mother was diagnosed with kidney disease. “I did not want to be unhealthy like my mom,” she said.

When asked about the best part of the ActiveSG Masters Club launch she said: “I really love Zumba, look at my t-shirt it’s all wet!”

So regardless of your current fitness level or health aspirations, it is time to take a leap of faith and kickstart your wellness journey.

Join the ActiveSG Masters Club now.

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