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5 Reasons Why You Should Build Muscle Photo: Swol workout

5 reasons why you should build muscle

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Have you ever seen a bodybuilder and wondered: "Why did he or she go to the effort to build all those muscles?"

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Muscle Photo: Swol 

Photo: Swol

Well, for the bodybuilder the answer might have something to do with meeting the challenge or the thrill of competition. Most people don't realise how big of a practical impact weight training has on fat loss. They only associate weight training with bigger muscles and strength. It is a big mistake and one of the main reasons why people are not losing fat successfully. This, of course, does not mean that building muscle with weight training is the solution to fat loss. No, it is not the solution, but it is a solution.

There are many methods, not highly discussed in the muscle-building world and a critical one is on having an exercise plan for building muscle. It is of immense significance to have an arrangement for building muscle, as it will enable you to remain reliable and centred all through your muscle building venture. But actually, there are many good reasons why everybody should want to build up their muscle through strength training. This article will give you five top reasons to build muscles.


1. Muscle increases metabolic rate

The muscle cells in your body use energy, while the fat cells store energy. So by gaining muscle through strength training, you increase your body's energy requirements. It increases your metabolic rate, which causes your body to burn more fat.

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Muscle Photo: Swol 

Photo: Swol

So if you've been struggling to lose that extra body fat that you've accumulated over the years, start a new strength training program. The extra lean muscle that you add to your body will make it much easier to lose the excess fat.


2. Muscle fortifies the bones, ligaments and tendons

Strength training will help to prevent many types of injuries. Building up your core strength will improve your balance and coordination, and will reduce the likelihood of accidents resulting in injury. Building up your muscles also builds and strengthens your bones and tendons, which can help to prevent broken bones and tendon sprains and tears. Modern athletes in many sports use muscle training to help them not only improve athletically but also to reduce the injuries that are so prevalent.

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Muscle Photo: Swol 

Photo: Swol

It is important to continue our muscle training workouts as we get older to prevent the types of injuries that older adults are susceptible to on different occasions.


3. Muscle makes everyday activities easier

It seems evident that building muscles will make you stronger, but many people don't realise what a great benefit increased strength can be. If you've ever struggled to open a jar of pickles, or had to get help to move a box of books, then you understand the limitations that lesser strength can place on your life. A strength training regimen can significantly improve your strength, and allow you to do many things that you formerly needed help with.


4. Muscle gives you shape

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Muscle Photo: Swol 

Photo: Swol

Not only will you feel better after starting a strength training program, but you will also begin to look better as well. Whether you are a gentleman or a lady, your physical appearance will improve as you build your muscles. Let's face it; muscle is more attractive than fat. You will look better in your swimsuit when you go to the beach or the pool. Your clothes will fit better on you.


5. Decreased disease risks

Building up your muscles with strength training will improve your fitness and conditioning levels, and this will have an impact on your general health.

People who workout have less incidence of disease than sedentary people. Studies have shown that weight training can reduce your risk of heart disease, by improving cardiovascular function and improving blood chemistry.

Physical change with the right set of exercises, balanced and healthy diet, mixed in with adequate rest, will get you that dream body you wish for. However, doing modification and enhancement to your body requires the proper cultivation of mind, commitment, and drive. Though you have the right methods on how to build muscle fast, without the appropriate mindset, a physical change will only be a thing in the head.



This article was contributed by Jack Costello. He is a 38-year-old professional bodybuilding coach and writer. Graduated with a Master in Physical Education from the University of Fordham, he’s well-known in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. He is regarded as a trustworthy writer in his neutrality regarding the analysis of each of the products mentioned on this website. He currently works as a freelancer for Swol Headquarters.