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Weight loss for persons with disabilities

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Persons with disabilities who intend to improve their fitness levels should first consult a doctor and relevant specialists to see if a programme tailored to their individual conditions can be put together.

Most of the time, a person with a disability will find himself or herself lacking in cardio fitness. Compared to an abled-bodied person, a person with a disability will sometimes not be able to improve in this area by carrying out simple activities like walking.

A possible option could be water therapy, as carrying out exercises in water helps to reduce the strain placed on one’s body. The water supports one’s weight, and a participant who is wary can always put on a life jacket for extra assurance.

A well-thought-out diet applies to disability weight loss efforts just as much as they do with able-bodied personnel. The key is to burn off more than you pile on.

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Try to have smaller meals throughout the day, eating every three to four hours instead of the typical three-meal regime that the average person abides to. This is crucial, seeing as the amount and type of food we eat contributes heavily to a person’s level of fitness, regardless of whether they live with disability or not.

A solid hydration plan is next in line for any disability fitness regime – water being the obvious choice for consumption throughout the day. Green tea could also be option after meals to help with digestion and nutrient absorption to keep you energized for your workouts.

After you’ve gotten used to the changes in your diet, you can also look for support groups or clubs catered to helping persons with disabilities get strong and healthy. Such organizations will typically also offer popular activities such as wheelchair basketball or wheelchair racing, both of which are fun ways to clock in some cardiovascular exercise.

At the end of the day, the most important parts of getting fit is having the right mentality and setting up a positive environment to support you on your way to good health. Surround yourself with people who will help you kick-start your journey to fitness.  Additionally, you could consider documenting the process via a journal, as looking back at how far you’ve come will surely provide more motivation to keep going.

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