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Festive Challenge Lunar New Year news

myActiveSG Reality Series Game Show: Lunar New Year Cook Off

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In the previous episode of the myActiveSG Reality Series Game Show at Bounce Singapore, Team John suffered a loss to Team Gary by the narrowest of margins, but in this Lunar New Year challenge Team John finally got their long awaited revenge.

While the previous challenge was a test of their physical strength, fitness and agility, this challenge pits their creativity and culinary skills.

With the festive celebrations coming up, the teams squared off in an aptly themed 'Homemade Lo Hei Challenge' in the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) kitchen.

 Festive Challenge Lunar New YearTeam John's Homemade Lo Hei dish which won the 2nd edition of the myActiveSG Festive Challenge. Photo: SportSG

Lo Hei, also known as Yusheng, is a dish consisting of strips of raw fish, shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, and the competition this time was judged by SSI dieticians Cheryl Teo and Ang Sin Hwee.

The teams were judged on their creativity, teamwork, presentation of food, nutritional value, and reduction of waste.

Festive Challenge Lunar New YearTeam Gary all smiles ahead of the challenge. (from left: Gary Yang, Low Sin Ting, Kerstin Ong) Photo: SportSG

It was a close fight between Team John, which consists of Team Singapore hockey player Laura Tan and Team NILA volunteer Randall Wu, and Team Gary, which consists of Team Singapore hurdler Kerstin Ong and Sport Singapore colleague Low Sin Ting.

At the end of the cook off, where both teams displayed their full range of culinary abilities (or disabilities), Team John scored 91.5 points for their fusion Lo Hei dish while Team Gary’s more traditional version came up just two points short at 89.5 points.

Festive Challenge Lunar New YearTeam John in action during the cookoff (from left: Laura Tan, Randall Wu, John Yeong). Photo: SportSG

With the scores between Team Gary and Team John now even, it remains to be seen who will triumph eventually.

Stay tuned to to find out who will emerge victorious.

Festive Challenge Lunar New YearIngredients being prepared during the 45 minutes preparation of the Homemade Lohei Challenge. Photo: SportSG


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