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Chinese New Year nutrition

How to prevent overeating during Chinese New Year

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With Chinese New Year just around the corner, most of us will be looking forward to visiting our family and friends, and also, the many delicious goodies that we can fill our bellies with.

Snacks such as pineapple tarts, bak kwa, love letters and shrimp rolls are everyone's favourites and it is tempting to polish an entire container in one go. However delicious they may be, many of these festive goodies are loaded with carbohydrates, fats and sugars. 

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year snacks such as bak kwa are laden with calories. Photo: Reuters

Just one slice of bak kwa is 370 calories, and you would need to jog for almost an hour to burn off that amount of calories. Instead of going through an exhausting exercise regime to lose weight after Chinese New Year, stop yourself from eating too much instead.

Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent yourself from overeating this festive season.

Eat a little something before you head out

Eating a little bit helps before you leave home, because you will be less likely to wolf down the fattening and unhealthy goodies. When visiting, everyone's houses are filled with snacks, so fill your tummy before visiting your relatives.

Eat the healthy stuff when you’re not visiting

When you know that the food at your relative’s or friend’s place will be something unhealthy, balance it out by incorporating the healthy stuff into your meals at home. Food like salads with fruits, lean meats and proteins can help reduce weight gain during the festive season.

Keep your favourite foods away from sight

A simple way to help you manage your intake of calories during the festive period is just to keep food in places that aren't so visible. A study Ohio State University found that keeping foods in easy-to-see spots is a major factor associated with obesity so keep your pineapple tarts in the cupboard instead of putting it on the table.

Take it slow

Most festive goodies like pineapple tarts are bite-sized, so do not consume these in a single mouthful. Instead, try finishing them slowly through a few bites. 


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