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Getting back into shape after Chinese New Year

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So, it’s back to the work grind for most of us after the first three days of Chinese New Year celebrations. Chances are, most of us may have overindulged in the many sinful festive goodies over the holidays while visiting our friends and relatives.

exercise - reuters
It's time to pick up where you left off before the festivities! Photo: Reuters

Of course, there's no harm in enjoying these calorie-laden delights once in a while, and it’s hard to reject when your well-meaning grandparent or great grand uncle stuffs you with more and more food. But with that behind us now, it’s time to get back into shape with these tips from ActiveSG!

Do not go into extreme dieting

One can easily lose weight by lowering carbohydrate intake, but when it becomes extreme, there is also the risk of losing lean muscle mass and a decrease in metabolism rates, which are undesirable.

Pick up where you left off

If you were following a diet and workout plan before the festive season, resume it! This will help you get back in shape at a moderate and healthy pace.

Anaerobic over aerobic exercises

Feeling fat and feel like long distance running will do you some good? Not really. That can make you burn muscle rather than fat. Instead, interval training and sprints over short distances can help you reap more effective results!

Find a workout buddy

Most of us lack motivation when we’re working out alone. With a friend around, exercising becomes a whole lot more fun. Besides, it is not that difficult to find a friend during this period who wants to burn some fats from the feasting as well. So hit the buttons on the phone and start sweating with your friends!

Rest and eat right

Most people tend to try to cut carbs completely and overwork in search of fast results. That might have an adverse effect in your body in the long run. What is important is that you’re getting ample rest, and eating moderately. Don’t restrict yourself too much from the good food, because if you stick to your workout plan, a little bit of cake wouldn’t hurt.

Check out these ActiveSG programmes that you can sign up for to get back your pre-festive self!


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