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Youth soccer wearable, the SockIt, lights up when kids kick properly

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San Clemente, California-based company, The SockIt, is hoping to help youth soccer players improve their skills with rubber sleeves that fit over kids’ shoes and cleats and light up when the ball is kicked properly.

Joe Briganti, The SockIt founder and CEO, didn’t enjoy watching his young daughters and their youth soccer teammates continually kick the ball with their toes. He searched for products online that would help them practice kicking with the proper area of the foot (the metatarsal bone region). Briganti was unable to find what he was looking for on the market, so he began to design a wearable of his own.

The result is a simple wearable device for players ages 5-12. The SockIt is made from industrial strength thermal plastic rubber. This tough rubber allows the The SockIt to absorb impact, shock and deal with rough weather conditions. The light-up function is created by six LED lights. The one-size-fits-all device uses replaceable lithium batteries and the whole thing slips on around shoes or cleats.

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