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Team Nila CPR news

Team NILA to be equipped with life saving skills

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Sporting events frequently attract crowds numbering tens of thousands, and in these large congregations of people, the risk of injury and illness is often present.

There are doctors and medical personnel at these events, but in life or death situations, every second counts, and that is where Team NILA can play a vital role.

The volunteer group that is ever-present at local sporting events has put their volunteers through the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course to equip them to handle medical emergencies.

Team Nila CPR 
Team NILA volunteers during the CPR & AED course at the Sports Hub Auditorium on 25 September 2016. Photo: SportSG

A group of volunteer leaders also underwent training on Sunday at the Sports Hub Auditorium to become certified instructors for the CPR & AED course.

This training is part of the Team NILA Volunteer Capability Development programme, and Sunday’s CPR & AED instructor course is part of the lead up to an event on the 26th November, where Team NILA volunteers will be trained to provide CPR.

“It is the inaugural launch of the Team NILA-Singapore Heart Foundation Project Heart 2016, where 1000 Team NILA volunteers will be undergoing the CPR AED course, with the ultimate aim of equipping every single Team NILA to be CPR AED ready,” said Foo Shih Shun, Senior Executive of Volunteer Management at Sport Singapore.

“The objective is to build up their confidence, especially when they are deployed during sporting events, so they are better equipped to handle emergencies on the ground.”

Team Nila CPR 
Team NILA volunteers during the CPR & AED course at the Sports Hub Auditorium on 25 September 2016. Photo: SportSG

Volunteers have learnt more than just medical skills undergoing this CPR & AED course.  They were also taught how to communicate effectively so that instructions can be passed on without any misunderstandings.

“I think it’s quite an enriching experience, because for this instructor course, we are not just learning about CPR but a bit more about how we present ourselves,” said Team NILA volunteer Randi Ang.

“This focuses more on the communication aspect during training and there are quite a few takeaway lessons that we can apply on a day to day basis.”

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