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Team Nila recruitment drive news

Team NILA holds successful recruitment drive for ActiveSG Sports Academies

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Being in close proximity to Zika-infected clusters did not deter members of the public as they made their way down on Saturday morning to attend Team NILA’s volunteer recruitment drive.

Hosted by the various ActiveSG Sports academies, members of the public who turned up were introduced to the various roles such as coaching assistants, outreach ambassadors, safety and nutrition specialists. Members of the public who were versatile in digital media could also volunteer their services in digital photography, videography and social media. 

Team Nila recruitment drive

Team NILA participating in the GetActive! Singapore Workout during the ActiveSG Academies Recruitment Drive. Photo: Sport Singapore

ActiveSG chief Lai Chin Kwang, who led the various academies in welcoming the new Team NILA volunteers, was encouraged by the turnout.

Citing examples from the 28th Southeast Asian Games, 8th ASEAN Para Games and the recent GetActive! Singapore week, Lai acknowledged Team NILA’s contributions and added that there were “a lot of passionate” volunteers.

“We want to bring them on board on the journey, a journey not just to volunteer, but to volunteer with much more. And the ‘much more’ is about having them enjoy this journey together with us,” Lai said.

“I think what is also important is that we want our NILAs to stay fit, healthy and happy.”

Most of the newly-minted Team NILA members were introduced to each other through simple breakout sessions which gave them a better idea of their expected roles. 

Team Nila recruitment drive

Team NILA during a breakout session at the ActiveSG Academies Recruitment Drive. Photo: Sport Singapore

For people who did not know each other prior to the event, Halizah Haji Haron and Jennifer Ching clicked almost instantly before stepping into the mass briefing session.

Halizah, 56, received an email about the event and turned up because of her interest in sports.

Ching, who turned up for the event with her boyfriend, had only been in town for about a month. Prior to that, the 26-year-old was based in Hong Kong.

“Both my boyfriend and I are very into sports,” said Ching. “I grew up playing basketball and we played basketball together.”

Crediting her boyfriend for finding out about the recruitment drive, Ching added: “We thought that we would like to try it out in Singapore as well, that’s why we came to check it out.”

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