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STEPP technology

Making every STEPP count

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A wearable created by runners for runners of any level, STEPP is a running coach which aims to improve your running form. Unlike most other wearables which solely focus on your heart rate, STEPP does so by tapping on advanced biomechanics technology. Coupled with its real-time in-ear coach feature, the device is able to give you real-time statistics, actionable feedback and in doing so, prevent chances of injury.


Image Credit: STEPP

STEPP is made up of 3 strategically placed sensors, two of which are attached to your shoes and another to your running shorts. This maps out your entire lower limb’s motion while running to provide a more in-depth view on your running. Some of the parameters STEPP is able to measure include speed, foot contact angle, swing speed, cadence, impact force on knee, stride length and pronation. By reading these raw information, the device is able to give you real-time feedback on how well you are running, or what corrections need to be made via its companion mobile application.


Image Credit: STEPP

STEPP’s main control comes in the form of a companion mobile application. It works by pairing the sensors with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Addressing most running needs, the application guides you on warm ups and cool down exercises, provides real-time coaching feedback, tracks your runs and monitors your progress. Catered to runners of all levels, the STEPP is able to give you the information you need to ensure that you run better and further with minimal chances of injuries.

Aside from the aforementioned features, STEPP has a long battery life of 6 hours and is certified to be IP68 waterproof - which would fit even the most demanding of runners. If you are like me and hate to run with bulky chest or ankle straps and want an affordable running centric wearable, the STEPP might be it for you.

Availability and Price

With just a little over 2 weeks to go, STEPP is very close to being fully funded. The next pledge up for grabs is priced at SG$119, this would get you 3 STEPP sensors, 1 belt sensor sleeves, 2 shoe sleeves and a charging case. 

Image Credit: STEPP

Choose from a selection of colours, the sensor and charging case are available in black or white while the sensor sleeves are available in black, red, blue or green. International shipping is at an additional SG$10 to SG$20 dependent on country, shipping to Singapore is priced at the former. All orders look to be fulfilled by July next year.

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