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How to keep fit while travelling

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Heading on a vacation soon? That doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to pig out and pile on the pounds. Have a look at some tips that can help you stay in shape, even when you’re on your dream holiday.

Pack right

Keeping fit while travelling starts before you leave. Set yourself up right by packing the relevant things that you’ll need.

Ditch that extra pair of sandals or heels for some sneakers, so you’ll not be able to use the excuse of not having proper footwear to exercise. Additionally, you can easily pack some resistance bands.  They are light and would not take up much space in your luggage.  Such bands are also a cheap and versatile way to stay fit on holiday, as you can use them in a multitude of ways to tone your entire body.

Alternatively, you can also pack a skipping rope for some great cardio sessions.

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Discover the city on foot or by bike

That pair of sneakers you packed would come in handy for some exploration on foot.

See the sights by walking or by riding a bicycle instead of jumping on a bus or train. Seeing the city on foot is also an ideal way to get your bearings and fully experience the atmosphere of the your destination, in addition to burning a ton of calories.

Many cities in Europe, America, China and Australia also offer bike-sharing systems that allow you to rent a bicycle from a station and return it at the next stop. A cheap, accessible and healthy way to get from point A to B!   

Use your holiday destination as your gym

The easiest way to get in shape on holiday is to utilise your hotel’s pool or gym, book a stay at a hotel that offers such facilities.

If the one you’ve chosen doesn’t, embrace your surroundings. You can easily utilise the room’s furniture - a couch can be used to do dips, tummy tucks and more.

When you go on a beach holiday, be sure to head into the water for some windsurfing, snorkelling and other aquatic sports. Similarly, if you’re in the countryside, head out and explore by taking a hike or go horse-riding.

Some cities are also home to amazing parks. For example, you can spend a day walking or jogging through New York City’s Central Park to get some fresh air and stay active.

travelPhoto: Shutterstock

Splurge wisely

While there is nothing wrong with indulging in your favourite food or sipping some cocktails, do not make that the main goal of your holiday. Instead of having extravagant meals all day every day, make one meal a day your ‘splurge meal’ and eat healthily for the other two.

This way, you will be able to enjoy your vacation, yet also reap the benefits of healthy eating, like better nutrition and increased energy – all the better to fuel your sightseeing.


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