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SOWATCH technology

Finally, a smart smartwatch

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SOWATCH is a Smartwatch that does not only track your heart rate and work only when instructed. In fact, this is the world’s first autonomous Smartwatch which gives you an in-depth look into your heart health. It builds on the now commonly seen and heard heart rate monitoring technology, and is able to track other vital statistics which can affect our daily lives.


Image Credit: SOWATCH

This device is an ultimate fitness and well-being tracker on three fronts - It keeps track of your cardiovascular health, tracks your fitness activities, and prevents you from injuries and notifies you of illness. SOWATCH is able to measure a full suite of cardiovascular vitals which include blood pressure, heart activity, electrocardiogram, fever, hypothermia, hypoxia, dehydration and even can detect sleep troubles. Each and every one of these measurements are important as it reflects upon your overall health.

Similar to the abundant of fitness wearables in the market now, SOWATCH is able to track a wide range of exercises. Ranging from running, weight lifting to swimming, SOWATCH is able to measure more than 10 different sports, catering to even the most active of users.

Prevention of injury and illness, is something which really sets SOWATCH apart from its competitor. By reading your blood oxygen saturation level, sleep patterns, training programme and with an algorithm, the device is able to foresee or tell when you are burning out or pushing yourself too hard. 


Image Credit: SOWATCH

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 42.2 x 35 x 11mm

Weight: 47g

Display: LCD Touchscreen

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS

Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Memory: 1GB

Sensors: Accelerometer, blood sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic electrodes 


Image Credit: SOWATCH

If you are looking for a Smartwatch that does not only cater to your fitness needs, then the SOWATCH should be on your radar. Its nifty features that read and translate your health readings to prevent illness, is something completely unheard of in the current wearable market and great to have. Being able to measure so many different vitals, the SOWATCH is great for the lazy fitness buff and those who need to keep their heart health in constant check. In addition, it also comes at a really affordable price when compared to other Smartwatches or renowned wearables, making the SOWATCH definitely worth your second look.

Availability and Price

Response for the SOWATCH has been so good that its recent Kickstarter campaign, has already been fully funded. Its next pledge up for grabs is priced at SG$143 (US$105), this gets you one Black SOWATCH and charging kit. If Black is not your colour of choice, then the other pledge priced at SG$176 (US$129) will give you the same package, but in different colours - White or Pacific Blue. International shipping comes at an additional charge, which ranges from SG$7 (US$5) to SG$20 (US$15), shipping to Singapore costs the latter. All orders look to be fulfilled by March 2017.

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