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S-Tone technology

Enjoy music the safe and comfortable way

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For those who enjoy music when exercising and hate the bulky cumbersome devices and wires, the S-Tone will definitely be of interest to you. An unassuming music player built with bone conduction technology, S-Tone seeks to address common pain points experienced while exercising.


As it is built with bone conduction technology, you no longer need to turn up the volume just to hear your music, or turn down the volume and sacrifice music enjoyment for safety on the roads. Built into the back band is are two bone conduction transducers (one for each side and near your temples). These transducers create sound waves which goes directly into the inner ear, leaving your ear canal free. This allows you to enjoy music while still being fully aware of your surroundings. 


Regarding its MP3 functions, the S-Tone seeks to be truly wireless and hassle free. It works without any cumbersome cables and has easy to reach controls at the back of the band, providing a barrier free access. Additionally, for those who are active in a multitude of sports, you would be glad to know that the S-Tone is waterproof and comes in two variants. One as a pair of goggles and the other as a pair of cycling sunglasses.

Technical Specifications

Speaker Type: Bone Conduction Transducers

Memory Capacity: 8GB

File Format: MP3

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth

Wireless Range: 10m

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours

Charging Port: micro-USB

Accommodating to different colour preferences, S-Tone is available in a myriad of colours. The band and frame are available in Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. The lens on the other hand are available in brown, Black, Blue, Clear and Mirror. 


Availability and Price

S-Tone has yet to be fully funded with slightly less than two weeks of campaign time left to go. The Swim or Bike pledge in the colour of your choosing will cost SG$210 (€139). International shipping is at an additional cost which ranges from SG$18 (€12) to SG$38 (€25), shipping to Singapore will cost the latter. If fully funded, orders for the S-Tone look to be fulfilled by July 2017. 

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