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RapidSol technology

Charge up your day and night

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A solar battery pack like none other, RapidSol is the world’s fastest solar powered battery pack with a power output of 2.7A. Solar powered battery packs have been in the market for some time, but most of them are lacking in terms of usability and design. RapidSol is created to address that and a little more. 


Faster than even most conventional powerpoint adapters, RapidSol has a power output of 5V at 2.7A. This is able to change any of your devices on-the-go and when you most need it - at the beach, on your hike or even when playing golf. With its handy carabiner attachment, you have the option to hang it on your bag and let it work its magic while you carry on with your day.

On average, the device charges your devices at 1 to 3 per cent every minute. This means most Smartphones can be charged from 0 to a 100 per cent within two hours or less. No fancy set up necessary, just place RapidSol outdoors and it charges up automatically. 


Great for the outdoors, RapidSol is water resistant and rugged to boot. You don’t have to worry the device gets damp after a cycle under the rain, or if you have accidentally dropped it in a puddle of water during your trek. Pat it dry and its good to go. The best part of RapidSol which makes it stand out, is its ability to charge even when the weather forecast is cloudy or even at night. Beat that!

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 3,200mAh

Power Output: 5V, 2.7A

Connection Port: USB Type-C

Solar Panel: 1.9A

Weight: 255g

Water Resistant: Yes

The RapidSol is great power solution for adventures where access to a powerpoint to charge your electrical devices is inconvenient. Additionally as a solar powered device, RapidSol gives you the ease of mind that you are able to charge your device whenever you need it - even at night. The only issue one might face with RapidSol is its USB Type-C port. As this type of cable is not so widely used, it might be slightly difficult to find someone carrying a USB Type-C cable if you have forgotten yours. 


Availability and Price

With about three weeks left of its Kickstarter campaign left to go, RapidSol is just a little shy of meeting its funding mark. Pledge packages start at SG$108 (US$79). This would get you a RapidSol, matching case, carabiner and USB Type-C adapter. International shipping to anywhere in the world, is at an additional flat rate of SG$48 (US$35). All orders for the RapidSol look to be fulfilled by November later this year.

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