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Camorama technology

An action camera on steroids

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Move over GoPro and Sony, this Kickstarter campaign named Camorama is here to dominate the action camera scene. Regular action cameras have a few things in common, they are waterproof (some with, some without an added casing), rugged and are compact - which makes them a great device for recording your adventures. Building on that, Camorama then added 3 new great features that will capture your experiences on whole other level.


Image Credit: Camorama

What is the difference between regular action cameras and Camorama? Camorama boasts 4K, Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree image capturing features, providing a more immersive video or picture experience.

First thing’s first, 4K video recording is not something unheard of when it comes to action cameras, but one that costs less than SG$400? That is something. Recorded videos will seem to have come to life with 210fps recording, 2880 x 2880 resolution and up to 90 minutes on a single charge, ensuring that you never miss a moment.

Regular plain videos and pictures are overrated. When Camorama says it provides an “immersive” experience, it really means it. The camera allows you to relive your adventures as if you were there, through VR goggles and 360-degree image capturing capabilities.

As with most devices nowadays, the Camorama comes with a companion mobile application. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it allows for some light editing and sharing of videos or pictures on social media sites all while on-the-go. Best part of it all, videos can be live streamed to your favourite social media platform in a jiffy. 


Image Credit: Camorama

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 51mm

Weight: 120g

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and micro-USB port

Camera Sensor: Sony IMX377

Aperture: 2.4f

Waterproof: Up to 15m with waterproof accessory

Internal Memory: 64GB

Battery Size: 1,300mAh

Jam packed with new features, it is a no wonder why Camorama, has already been fully funded. Personally, the best feature of the Camorama is a whole suite of compatible accessories which comes along with it. No more hassle of going out of your way to search for accessories and pay twice for shipping. However, the only issue one might face with Camorama is that does not come with a viewing screen and without a paired device, one is not able to view any footage immediately. 


Image Credit: Camorama

Availability and Price

The early bird pledges for Camorama have all been snapped up. Prices for the camera start from SG$381 (US$279), this pledge package gets you a Camorama Camera, waterproof case, soft carry case, mini-tripod and selfie stick. International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$20 (US$15). According to Camorama, all orders look to start shipping by November later this year.

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