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 Adidas Creator Studio technology

Adidas to allow fans to design top football kits with Uniform Creator Studio

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For avid soccer fans, having a significant contribution to their favorite team’s culture and organization can mean a lot. As eager as people are to attempt helping their favored soccer teams, it has never been a simple process and most contributions go unnoticed, leaving the fan unaware if they actually helped at all or just happy if they get a retweet.

Adidas recognizes this problem and has begun bridging the gap between players and fans with the Adidas Creator Studio. The creator studio essentially allows fans to design a third uniform option for their favorite players on prominent teams such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, AC Milan, Flamengo, and Juventus.

“We are giving people a blank canvas and allowing them to create something exciting and unique,” Adidas’ general manager of football Markus Baumann told The Drum. “The Creator Studio is an opportunity for fans to become part of the history of some of the biggest global clubs; it’s a true first. We hope the idea of seeing their design on field next year, being worn by the players and by fans around the world, will fuel imagination and creativity.”

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