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Eon technology

Time to tune up your board

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Move over fancy motorised unicycles and kick scooters, Eon is a skateboard attachment which is able to convert your skateboard into a motorised one in a matter of minutes. Durable for daily commutes, the Eon is weather resistant and comes with a carbon fibre mounting plate to cut back on any additional weight. Able to travel at speeds of up to 35km/h, Eon is a fuss free, Plug and Play gadget compatible with most skateboards.


Available in three variants, the SOLO, Cruiser and R. These three variants can be bought individually or bought paired with a skateboard of your choice. The SOLO is the most basic of the 3, weighing in at 1.5kg with a single motor and battery. It has a travel range of up to 12km at 35km/h and suitable for slight gradient skating.


Building on the SOLO kit, the Cruiser kit weighs in at 2.1kg, comes with 2 batteries and has an extended travel range of 24km. The R on the other hand is the SOLO and Cruiser combined. With 2 motors, 2 batteries, a wider gradient range of and weighing 2.9kg, the R can tackle almost any city or dirt terrain.


Adding for an additional edge to the Eon, it comes with a companion mobile application which gives you ultimate control of your ride. Choose from 4 modes of operation from Beginner, Eco, Pro to Custom. These modes allows you to choose how intense you would like your ride, depending on your current need. Additionally, each ride can be GPS tracked and reports generated when paired with your Smartphone. 


From an individual who used to skateboard, Eon is a great technologically advanced addition to the sport. However, for the skateboarders who are more into tricks, this might not be for you. The additional weight would hinder any airborne tick and although it is durable, it would not be able to survive repeated knocks or hits - eg. hitting the ground when you land after performing an ollie. 


Availability and Price

Eon has been fully funded and with just a couple of days left, there are only a few early bird pledges available. Prices start from SG$554 (€369) for the SOLO Kit, this will include a single motor and battery feed, 3 x 81mm 79a wheels to match, charger, remote control and mounting hardware. International shipping fees apply separately and range from SG$45 (€30) to SG$90 (€60), price to ship the Eon to Singapore will cost the latter. All orders look to be fulfilled by March 2017.


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