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bionic runner technology

The Bionic Runner is trying to change how runners around the world train

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What if becoming a record-setting marathon runner was as easy as riding a bike?

According to one Australian company, it can be. Quite literally.

Injury-free training is the idea behind Run4’s Bionic Runner, but for those already on the mend, it allows ailing runners to recover faster and maintain their fitness level on their way back.

A sort of bicycle and scooter hybrid by design, the Bionic Runner hit the pavement following a Kickstarter campaign in late 2014. It’s the only non-impact fitness trainer that mimics the typical gait and timing of running – think a more natural version of an elliptical. But unlike that ubiquitous machine that probably has a dedicated row in your local gym, the Bionic Runner’s non-impact closed kinetic design eliminates injury risk from impact fatigue and joint overextension, the most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle-related injuries from running. 

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