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Rio Daily: Shun Xie Takes Lessons from Opening Shots

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Team Singapore’s Teo Shun Xie said she had gained some valuable experience after dealing with the pressure of Olympic competition for the first time in Sunday’s 10m Air Pistol.

Shun Xie finished in 37th place in the event, not enough to earn her a place in the final but she said the 45 minutes of Olympic shooting had been a real challenge.


shun xie shooting 10m pistol 01

TeamSG shooter Teo Shun Xie in action at the 10m Air Pistol event. Photo: Sport Singapore


“I think it went okay but it could have been better. The starting was a bit shaky for me. I didn’t handle my nerves well. Towards the end, things started to steady down but it was a bit too late. It was a good experience and hopefully I will learn from the mistakes here and not make them in the 25 metres” she said.

It is not unusual, of course, for athletes to feel nerves before a big event and controlling those emotions are vital for all. But it is a particular challenge in shooting where focus is essential.

“Because I was nervous, I over-controlled the weapon and instead of my usual routine, I aimed a bit longer, held my grip a bit tighter because the gun was really shaky. Those are the kind of mistakes that you tend to make,” she added.


teamsg shooter shun xie pistol


“I think it was Olympic nerves plus competition nerves and the environment here is very intense. Everybody here is shooting really, really well. The standard is really very high,” she added.

Shun Xie has happy memories of shooting in Rio to draw on however - she won a bronze in the women's 10m Air Pistol event at the International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup in April this year at the venue currently being used for the Games.

“In the Rio World Cup event, I proved to myself that I can do it, if everything goes smoothly. You must really know how to control yourself and minimise the mistakes you make in competition,” said Shun Xie, who will compete again, in her 25 metres event, on Tuesday.

“It’s all about how you manage yourself in the competition”.



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