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Rio Daily: Jasmine Ser Swiftly Turns Focus To Main Event

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Team Singapore shooter Jasmine Ser shrugged off the disappointment of not making the final of the 10m air rifle on Saturday and quickly turned her focus to her favoured 50m rifle three positions (3P).

Ser qualified for the 3P but was also allowed to compete in the 10m air rifle as she had met the minimum qualification score.


jasmine ser shooting 10m air rifle 03

TeamSG shooter Jasmine Ser in action during the 10m Air Rifle Qualification. Photo: Sport Singapore


“This was like the opening for me for these Olympic Games because I have the next one (50m rifle 3P) to look forward to,” she said referring to Thursday’s main event for the 25-year-old.

“Half of the shooters qualified for this event so generally they are better than me. My focus is on the 50m rifle 3P, but I tried my best today,” she added.

Ser made 413.5 after four series at the Olympic Shooting Centre to finish in 25th place, well outside the top eight spot needed to gain progression to the final.

The women’s 10m air rifle was the first medal event of the 2016 Games and it was American Virginia Thrasher who claimed the first gold.


jasmine ser shooting 10m air rifle 02

TeamSG shooter Jasmine Ser at the 10m Air Rifle Qualification. Photo: Sport Singapore

The 19-year-old edged out China's Du Li, gold medallist in Athens in 2004, with an Olympic-record score of 208. Defending Olympic champion Yi Siling, also of China, took the bronze medal.

Jasmine said she had felt the sense of the occasion.

“I haven’t felt like this in a while, the last time was probably London (2012), it’s quite challenging today shooting here and it’s never easy as it’s the Olympic Games,” she said.

“It’s good that I held my nerves and shot better towards the end. I made some mistakes at the start and they were quite costly but toward the end, generally my 10s were not that bad,” added Jasmine.



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