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Rio Daily: Feng Tianwei Adjusts Well to Progress into Fourth Round

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Team Singapore’s Feng Tianwei recovered from a shaky start to come back from two games down to beat Ni Xia Lian of Luxembourg 4-2 in her third round, opening match at the Rio Olympic Games.


feng tianwei table tennis r3 01

TeamSG paddler Feng Tianwei celebrates after winning her opening match. Photo: Sport Singapore


Tianwei, the defending bronze medalist in Women’s Singles and seeded number two in the competition, said she had initially found it tricky to read the game of her 53 year-old opponent.

Not only is Ni Xia Lian left-handed but she also uses the now very rare penhold grip, causing Tianwei some need for adjustment.

“It was difficult at first because I am not used to playing against such a style. I had to really concentrate and learn from her play and adjust to it,” said Feng.


feng tianwei table tennis r3 03

TeamSG paddler Feng Tianwei during her match against Li Xia Lian from Luxembourg. Photo: Sport Singapore


The 29-year-old left the Riocenter arena for some rest and preparation for her fourth round match later on Monday (Tuesday, Singapore time) when she takes on Liu Jia of Austria.

Team Singapore’s other contender in the women’s bracket, Yu Mengyu, is also in action later at 3am local time when she battles with Jeon Jihee of South Korea.



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