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Monkii technology

No more excuses not to workout!

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Meet Monkii Bars 2, a portable gym weighing less than a pair of boots is the new go-to for any busy fitness nomad. These unassuming hand bars are capable of providing a high intensity, full body workout, anytime and anywhere, leaving you without any excuse not to workout.


If you are familiar with suspension training equipment like TRX or calisthenics, then the Monkii Bars 2 will definitely tickle your fancy. Weighing in at a light 255g (lighter than a can drink), the Monkii Bars 2 is portable, compact and made with aerospace-grade aluminium to provide durability. 


Monkii Bars 2 comes in 3 variants each catering to a different level of fitness and lifestyle. The Ultralight Kit is best suited for starters who love to work outdoors or have handle attachments. The Adventure Kit is suited for both indoor and outdoor fitness enthusiasts, who know what workout they are looking for and it comes with a door attachment. Lastly, the Tactical Kit is for the serious exercise buff, full black accessories, door attachment like the Adventure Kit with the addition of an insane workout manual. 


Along with almost every other Kickstarter gadget, Monkii Bars 2 comes with a companion mobile application to inspire your next workout. Pre-loaded with over 250 possible workout options, full length exercise videos and training sets, this TRX on steroids is great for those who do not have a gym membership or love to train outdoors. From core to legs exercise, yoga, pilates and even gymnastics, the Monkii Bars 2 is capable of catering to your ever changing exercise needs. 


For someone whose fitness level is nowhere near professional, the concept of the Monkii Bars 2 intrigues me. It will be able to give me the workout I am after, without feeling body conscious as I exercise in the comfort of my room - unlike when at the gym or a public area.

Availability and Price

Already fully funded, some of Monkii Bar 2’s early pledges have been sold out. The next pledge in line which includes one Monkii Bars 2 in a colour of your choice, Ultralight Kit and companion mobile application is listed at SG$160 (US$119). Shipping within the U.S.A is free, international shipping however is at an additional SG$13 (US$10). 


Monkii Bar 2’s Ultralight and Adventure variants are available in green, yellow, red, purple, blue and light grey. The Tactical variant however, is only available in black. All orders for the Monkii Bars 2 look to be fulfilled by January 2017. 


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