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More initiatives needed to get office workers to exercise outside of work

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Participants found themselves jumping like frogs, crawling like bears, and perspiring from their efforts during a unique Zuu Fitness workout on Tuesday evening, held at the Bayfront Event Space as part of GetActive! Singapore’s week-long activities.

Triple CBD series

Some 60 participants took part in a Zuu Fitness session that saw them carry out bodyweight exercises inspired by the primal movements of animals. Photo: Sport Singapore

With most office workers spending eight hours of their day sitting down at their desks, movement is often kept to a minimum, except during lunch break or the occasional coffee run. This sedentary lifestyle is what prompted Triple Active, with the support of Under Armour and Virgin Active, to organise a series of workouts, including the Zuu Fitness routine, to help people make time for exercise, particularly after work.

The Zuu Fitness session saw almost 60 participants take part in the hour-long, high-intensity workout together.

A signature workout of Virgin Active, Zuu Fitness typically comprises of bodyweight exercises inspired by primal movements made by animals such as gorillas, iguanas, frogs, and more. 

Triple CBD series

The workout was tough, but the participants kept their energy levels up throughout the session. Photo: Sport Singapore 

The workout was a unique experience for most participants, and even for those who regularly attend Virgin Active’s Zuu Fitness classes like Steven Ling, as this session was held outdoors by the bay.

“It’s better today, because we are in a different venue, and the good thing is that when there are more people working out, it gets more fun,” said 33-year-old Ling, who frequently takes part in outdoor workouts after work.

“Everyone needs their own personal time, and exercise is my form of personal time,” he said.

Zuu Fitness instructor, Suffy Yusuf Rahman, was impressed by the energy level of the participants despite it being a tough workout.

“When you see a lady (who) is close to her 60s pushing herself to the ultimate best, I really got to salute her,” said the instructor, who kept the participants motivated and in high spirits.

Commenting on the fitness culture in Singapore, Wilfred Mong, brand communications manager at Under Armour Southeast Asia, shared some of his observations.

“If you go around the bay, you see people run, mini groups doing physical training and all,” he said, pointing at the activity taking place around the city area after working hours. Under Armour have also been conducting weekly outdoor fitness sessions at Clifford Square, as part of their ‘Armour by the Bay’ series. 

Triple CBD series

A participant stretching during the Zuu Fitness workout. Photo: Sport Singapore

“I think as a whole, the fitness trend is rising in Singapore and I think more people are going out to workout. I think that’s a good sign.”

That being said, a sizable portion of the population remains classified as sedentary. When asked about some barriers office workers in particular face when scheduling workouts, some expressed the difficulty of juggling work and family commitments.

Sheena Lee, 27, a participant of the Zuu Fitness workout pointed out that those with young children may have less flexibility in scheduling time to exercise and have more commitments to juggle as compared to those who do not.

Others mentioned the reluctance for people to take the first step in getting active.

“I think it’s the inertia of getting started. It’s the same for everyone,” said Tan Si Hui, a fellow participant, who emphasised on the importance of dedication to make time for exercise.

With the frequent practice of eating out and a sedentary office lifestyle common among many Singaporeans, Mong believes brands and companies should continue organizing activities and events to draw people out to get active, regardless of their fitness levels.

“We believe that with the trends of wellness and (an) active lifestyle, we should create a platform for people to come on-board to work out,” he added.

The Zuu Fitness workout was part of a Triple Active series, which brings workouts traditionally performed indoors to the outdoor arena, held over five consecutive evenings at the Bayfront Event Space from 1 to 5 August 2016.


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