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Pullup and Dip technology

Minimal Equipment, Maximum Results

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This one fitness equipment surpasses all for two simple reasons, it is portable and you are able to achieve a full compound upper body workout without additional weights. The Pullup & Dip is a German invention which allows you to have a complete compound upper body and core workout. This device enables you to perform variations of basic exercises which includes pullups and dips, not only do they target multiple muscles at once, but strength your entire body in the process.

Pullup and Dip

With your body weight acting like gym weights, the Pullup & Dip improves your strength and physique without any fancy equipment or apparatus - like the TRX and exercise corners you see at parks. The Pullup & Dip is available in two variants, one for outdoor adventurers and one for those who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes. Both variants are built with stainless steel to withstand the harshest of weather, is rustproof and able to take up to 130kg in bodyweight. 


Pullup and Dip

For those who opt for the indoor variant, a metal plate that comes with the pledge would need to be mounted on the wall. When not in use, the device can be broken down, stowed away. The slim mounted plate can be easily hidden in the home behind paintings or curtains. The outdoor variant on another hand, comes with a outdoor mount, tree protector and tension belt, great for parks or even in your backyard. Although it might sound slightly daunting to set up, the entire set weighs less than 9kg and would only need less than 5 minutes to set up. 

Pullup and Dip

Suitable for those either into calisthenics training which is slowly gaining traction in Singapore, or without a gym membership. Pullup & Dip allows you to clock in a well-rounded upper body and core workout, without any fancy or expensive equipment. Best feature of it all, its exercises work on your body weight and that multiple muscles are engaged with just a few exercises. 

Pullup and Dip

Image Credit: Pullup & Dip

Availability and Price

The Pullup & Dip has already been fully funded with limited early bird pledges still up available. Its outdoor pledge which consists of a outdoor adapter, side arm, multi bars, tension belt, tree protection and velcro fastener will set you back SG$341 (€223). The indoor pledge consists of an indoor adapter, side arms and multibars retails for SG$365 (€239). 

Pullup and Dip
Image Credit: Pullup & Dip

International shipping to Singapore is at an additional charge of SG$90 (€59). All orders for the Pullup & Dip look to be fulfilled by September this year. 


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