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Golchi technology

Meet the world's most versatile water bottle

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Golchi is a thermos water bottle which leverages on clever modular design. It is able to hold two drinks of varying temperatures simultaneously, without affecting the other. Perfect for carrying around ice cold water, hot coffee and a snack together in one bottle.

Think of your regular thermos flask, now split it up into 5 reattachable parts, that in essence is Golchi for you. Its 5 modular components is made up of 2 lids, 2 liquid containers and 1 storage module, measuring 29cm in total. Together these 5 modules allow for the Golchi to be detached individually and rearranged according to your lifestyle needs. 


Thank to its modular design, you are able to add or separate component of the Golchi as and when you need it. For those looking who may need additional storage, there is a modular component perfect for your mid-day snack, protein powder or medicine. If you need to carry around extra liquid, it doubles up as a liquid container extension as well.

The two liquid container modules hold 325ml (11oz) and 384ml (13oz), while the storage module holds 96ml (3.25oz). When fixed together it is able to hold 800ml (27 oz) worth of hot or cold liquids, which it can insulate for 12 hours and 24 hours respectively. The Golchi is BPA free, leak proof and is built with three layers of stainless steel, to ensure your liquids are kept safe and temperature locked. Cleaning is a breeze with its wide opening, for easier washing is dishwasher safe. For the tea lovers, Golchi offers a collapsible tea infuser module made of silicon which has an adjustable diameter for your convenience. 


Being able to contain two different liquids of varying temperatures, and a separate compartment for snacks is everything a younger me would have only dreamt of. Novelties aside, the Golchi really makes for a great versatile water bottle catered to your every need.

Availability and Price

Golchi has received very positive response from the crowdfunding community. Its campaign has been 900% funded and most of its early bird specials have been snapped up. Its next pledge starts at SG$52 (US$39), this will get you 1 Golchi bottle in any colour or style you like. It is available in 6 colours (white, purple, deep red, midnight black, aqua and forest green) and in 4 designs (classic, skyline, nature and bold). 


For the tea lovers, there is an option to purchase the Golchi Tea Infuser for an additional SG$16 (US$12). International shipping comes at an additional flat rate charge of SG$20 (US$15). All orders look to be fulfilled by December later this year - just in time for Christmas!


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