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Healthiest Ways to Cook your Eggs

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The consumption of eggs continues to divide opinion. While egg whites are considered a healthy source of protein, the amount of cholesterol found in the yolks can deter one from eating eggs regularly.

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Nonetheless, eggs also contain unsaturated fat and vitamin B12, which can keep your metabolism and nervous system healthy. As such, instead of cutting eggs out of your diet completely, consider changing the way you cook them.  

Fried eggs are popular with fried vermicelli or in an English breakfast, but it is a typically unhealthy option because of the amount of butter or vegetable oil used. One way of reducing the amount of oil or fat in the preparation is to substitute the cooking oil used with an oil spray.

Instead of adding butter to your scrambled eggs, consider using coconut oil and olive oil as healthier alternatives. Using a non-stick pan while cooking also removes the need to add additional oil or fat.

Nevertheless, scrambled eggs are not the healthiest way to consume eggs, so you may want to add on some vegetables like tomatoes or capsicums to make the dish more nutritious.

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Steamed eggs are the one of the easiest and most nutritious ways to have eggs, with no fat necessary in its preparation. Increase the nutritional value further by adding in mushrooms, vegetables or shrimp into your steamed egg dish.

Similar to steamed eggs, boiled eggs are a simple, non-fat option. Besides retaining most of the nutrients, boiling an egg also preserves the yolk, so you can easily remove it and reduce the amount of cholesterol you consume.

Poaching is also a healthy method of preparing eggs, and all you need is boiling water.
The gentle cooking method ensures that the egg retains most of the nutrients and antioxidants.

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