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Volata technology

Volata is working on the world's first premium hi-tech bike

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Despite the never-ending pursuit of technological advances at the top of the sport, cycling tech companies are shifting their focus towards the everyday cyclist. More people are cycling in their day-to-day lives, whether it be to work, school or the shops. At the very forefront of this movement is Volata, a bicycle technology company which has now developed a bike that is deeply engrained with technology. 

The bike contains a 2.4in computer embedded into the handlebars, which, essentially, is the brains of the whole operation. As with an array of technology, GPS is used to track location, plan routes and indicate direction. However, the GPS system also has a rather more unexpected job, too. In order to provide users with extra peace of mind whilst they’re away from the bike, the GPS ‘doubles-up’ as an anti-theft tool, monitoring the bike’s status and sending real-time location information to the user’s cell phone if the bike is stolen. 

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