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Octospot technology

Take this all-seeing eye for a dive

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Calling all diving enthusiasts, this one Kickstarter campaign is exactly what you need to know about before your next dive. Emerge from the depths of the ocean with detailed high resolution video recordings and dive log with Octospot


Image Credit: Octospot

This is not your run-of-the-mill point of view action camera. Octospot is a durable 12MP camera capable of 4K video recording specifically built for dive trips, by divers. It looks to be the definitive camera for divers as it solves pain points, most divers experience with current action cameras.

Simple to operate even with dive gloves on, the Ocotopot is designed with two main controls and automatically records your dive information, without an outer case of up to 200m in depth. Octospot can be mounted securely on the side of your face mask, or on your air tank while you enjoy your dive and take in the environment.

With an in-built pressure sensor, it is able to take note of your dive depth along with the temperature. For those who have dived, you will know that there is a loss of colour the deeper south you venture. Octospot’s automatic white balance will match the depth you are at, giving you colours other cameras cannot without additional colour filters.

As with most Smart devices now, Octospot comes with a companion mobile application for times when you just want to access your dive video quick. This application not only allows you to access video footage but allows you to edit, view dive data and share your epic dive videos all at a simple touch. 


Image Credit: Octospot

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 112 x 34 x 34mm

Weight: 161g

Battery: 1,700mAh, over 2 hours of usage

Expandable Memory: MicroSD Card, up to 64GB

Video Resolution: 4K - 30fps, 1080p - 100fps, 720p - 240fps

Image Resolution: 12MP

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Waterproof: Yes, up to 200m

Temperature: -20 to +85 degree celsius

Sensor: Pressure and temperature

Features: Shockproof, automatic white balance, no outer case necessary 

Image Credit: Octospot

For the serious dive enthusiast who is looking to document dive trips better and without hassle, Octospot would be the perfect fit. Even when price is concerned, it matches up to other better known action cameras both specifications and feature wise. However, what really sets Octospot apart from the rest is, that it is able to go up to 200m without an additional waterproof case - which can sometimes be extremely costly. 


Image Credit: Octospot

Availability and Price

Fully funded on Kickstarter, Octospot is only left with a couple days left to go for its campaign. Its next available basic pledge is priced at SG$501 (US$369), this includes 1 Ocotospot dive camera, 1 mask and 1 universal mount. International shipping to Singapore comes at an additional price of SG$27 (US$20). All orders for the Octospot look to be fulfilled by January 2017.


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