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Solos technology

Perhaps the smartest thing to happen to cycling

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Everything that you could possibly want to know about your ride, all built into a pair of sports sunglasses. Solos is perhaps the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) pair of cycling sunglasses with a heads up micro-display feature that will help keep your eyes on the road ahead, hands free and focus undisturbed.


Image Credit: Solos

For any serious cycling enthusiast, the trouble of having to dismount from the bicycle to check your Smartphone notifications, tracked statistics from your wearable and most importantly check your GPS to see if you are on the right track can be annoying. These are but some of the pain points which Solos’ creators hope it can help elevate.

What looks like a regular pair of sport sunglasses, is in fact an aerodynamically designed fitness wearable and Smartwatch, all rolled one. Solos is able to track 7 different real-time data which include, cadence, speed, power zones, heart rate, calories, distance and elevation. Other features of Solos include navigation, ability to make or accept calls, voice prompts, integration with other cycle tracking applications and it clocks your speed and laps. 

Image Credit: Solos

While enjoying and focusing on beating your previous time, Solo’s Vista Pupil display will show you in real-time how you are performing by displaying pertinent data regarding your ride. All data will be clearly displayed no matter how bright your environment as its visual screen is four times larger than regular fixed displays.

To keep a full overview of all your rides, Solos comes with a companion mobile application. From monitoring your past activities, to post workout statistics, maps and routes that you have covered along with easy to read graphs to monitor your heart rate and power zones. 

Image Credit: Solos

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 181(L) x 161 (W) mm

Pupil Display Dimensions: 45.04 x 12.1 x 5.78 mm

Display Resolution: Widescreen LCD

Weight: 65g

Battery Life: 6 Hours

Device Compatibility: Android and iOS

Solos is a lightweight ingenious innovation and something that is much needed for sports like cycling, as both hands are occupied and focus needs to be on the path ahead for safety. However, the only downside might be the slightly hefty price tag if you think of it as just a pair of sunglasses. But take a look at its full range of features and the price really does seem rather reasonable if you are a true cycling enthusiast. 

Image Credit: Solos

Availability and Price

With only a couple more days to go, many of Solos’ early bird pledges have already been snapped up. Next in its lineup of pledges is the Kickstarter Special which includes 1 pair of Solos is priced at SG$504 (US$374).

It currently only ships to certain countries in North America and at an additional charge of SG$13 (US$10) to SG$27 (US$20). Singapore is sadly not part of that list, so if you really want to get your hands on Solo, be prepared to engage a third party courier service. All orders for Solos look to be fulfilled by October later this year. 


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