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Vi technology

In-ear personal trainer minus the cost

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The future is almost here, in the form of a sophisticated earphone specifically for runners and cyclists of all levels, named Vi. This is the world’s first ever truly Smart Artificial Intelligence (A.I) personal trainer. Vi has three main features, an MP3 player, A.I. personal trainer and Smartwatch of sorts which gives you some control of your Smartphone. 


Created by LifeBEAM, a New York City based company which specialises in advanced wearable products. Its sole aim is to improve overall health and fitness through technology, which can give real-time insights and accurate measurements. Some of their wearable technology have been used by big technology and sporting companies like Samsung, Under Armour and even 2XU to name a few.

Vi is capable of measuring and keeping track of training history, location, weather, elevation, pre-set goals, user anatomy, speed, cadence, heart rate, heart rate variability. With its in-built A.I. feature, the more you use Vi the more it is able to learn your fitness regime.

A fitness wearable which goes beyond the basic monitoring and measuring of daily activities, Vi gives you accurate insights to your every run or cycle and analyzes it. Like a personal trainer, it coaches you in real-time giving you voice tips on your cadence, pace and heart rate zone so that you can perform better.

What does this all mean? Vi is a all-in-one A.I. personal trainer that reads your every movement without the hassle, translates the readings and tells you of the progress - all you have to do is turn it on and run or cycle. 


Physical design wise, it sits comfortably around the back of your head, connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and is Android and iOS compatible. It provides a snug fit during workouts for every shape and size of ears, Vi comes with a set of ear gel and in-ear fins so that you can find the perfect fit.

All data tracked and measured can be seen in real-time with simple to read graphs and charts, which can be found in its companion mobile application. You are also able to set your fitness goals, track your past workouts and customise Vi’s settings. When not using Vi for your run or cycling adventure, it can double up as another wearable to track your daily activities, listen to music and answer phone calls like a hands-free device.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 43g

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Sensors: Heart rate and heart rate variability, 6-axis accelerometer, gyrometer, barometer, speech recognition and ear bud touch

Battery Life: 8+ Hours

Battery Size: 2 x 90mAh 


Addressing most of the pains which leisure or competitive runners or cyclists face, Vi’s long list of features that will make the workout more enjoyable and better. Slightly similar to Sony’s Smart-B Trainer but without an A.I., Vi is likely a real go-to gadget for any avid runners and cyclists who are looking for an all-in-one device.

Availability and Price

Already fully funded, most of Vi’s early bird special pledges have been snapped up. Next pledge in line is priced at SG$268 (US$199), which includes a pair of Vi earphones, a set of in-ear fins, a sizing kit, a charging case and access to its companion mobile application. Vi ships internationally at an additional flat rate of SG$27 (US$20). It will be available in three colours, Matte Black, Blue or Bronze and all orders look to be fulfilled by December later this year.


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