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Under Armour Golf technology

How Under Armour's "smart shoe" helps Jordan Spieth track fitness

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When most people think of golf, they underestimate how prepared professional golfers need to be to make it through a tournament, which usually take about four days to complete. While they may not be running around as much as other athletes, they do spend immense amounts of time outside, usually in not-so-practical weather.

In the past decade or so, fitness has become more prominent in golf and we have started to see golfers hitting the gym and focusing on their health. One of these golfers is 22-year-old Jordan Spieth. In an effort to get better and train smarter, Spieth recently teamed up with Under Armour’s Golf and Connected Fitness teams to track his health and fitness leading up to the 2016 Open. Some of the variables that they included in the research were his daily numbers for sleep, fitness, overall daily activity (number of steps taken) and nutrition using Under Armour’s fitness platform, UA Record.

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